IoT Application


AgriTalk provides comprehensive platform with sensors and control module of your farm well,and customizes precise forecast to provide scientifive-driven decision to farmers.


On FrameTalk, there are two exsisting games - "猜猜看" and "搖搖看". The game uses a smartphone as an input device and interacts with Frame through the player's operation.


A digital map maps visual representations (cyber representations) to physical objects in the real world, and allows users to interact with these physical objects through their virtual representations.


EduTalk is a teaching platform that combines IoTtalk and 3D interactive programming. Using the IoT characteristics, this platform teaches programming with physical hardware devices controlling/interacting and 3D animations. In this way, EduTalk let learning programming more fun, makes the learning process less tedious, and improves students' learning interest and motivation.

Theses & Dissertations

GardenTalk: A Management Platform for Interaction between Humans, Landscapes and the Environment

Author: 徐大賢
With the vigorous development of Internet of Things technology (IoT), IoT technology has been widely used in many fields, including smart home and smart agriculture. However, IoT solutions for original problems in landscape architecture have not been found. This paper proposes GardenTalk, an IoT device management system suitable for green spaces. Through this system, we can quickly build a smart park that can interact with people and the environment...

Automatic deployment of a cloud-based physics experiment platform and processing of large scale physics experiment data

Author: 陳瑩穎
EduTalk, a 3D interactive programming education platform with IoT, enables heterogeneous connection for different sensors and provides users to do physics experiments on it. But it lacks the functions to process large scale physics experiment data. Therefore, in this thesis, we describe how to record large scale physics experiment data in EduTalk with the FileLogger device and to export them to the Excel files...

EduTalk: A 3D Interactive Programming Education Platform with IoT

Author: 胡育旋
In recent years, programming education becomes important worldwide, and programming course has been compulsory for high school students in Taiwan. However, it takes a lot of time to setup environment. We propose EduTalk, an out-of-the-box web-based education platform. Users may write VPython programs to render 3D animation in the browser without installing software or purchasing any hardware...

Design and Implementation of an Energy-Saving Scheduling Algorithm for Elevator Group Control System Using ElevatorTalk

Author: 趙子翔
This thesis proposes the Energy-Saving Scheduling Algorithm for Elevator Group Control that uses a shortest-path calculation as the determination for dispatching a proper car when the passenger arrives. The two performance metrices that we consider simultaneously are the average passenger journey time (i.e. the duration between the passenger arrives until he/she leaves the elevator) and the energy consumption...

Integration of Internet of Things and Aquaculture Technologies

Author: 曾浤鈞
Over fishing has caused the depletion of marine resources, so the new technology for aquaculture is essential. This dissertation proposes a fishing farm system (including sensors, actuators, and cameras) that integrates Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and telecommunications networks (including LTE and WLAN aggregation technologies (LWA) and narrow-band Internet of Things (NB-IoT)). In addition, take the possible large-scale deployment into consideration in the future, we develop a management platform (NB-IoTtalk)...

ElevatorTalk: A Smart Elevator Platform and Its Extension to Other Applications

Author: 吳宗翰
This dissertation proposes ElevatorTalk, an elevator development and management system based on an IoT approach called IoTtalk. This system modularizes the software into elevator components so that flexible and scalable car scheduling algorithms can be developed. ElevatorTalk consists of three subsystems: Cars, Scheduler and the Elevator Car Operating (ECO) Panel. ECO Panel receive the requests issued by the passengers. Scheduler subsystem is responsible of scheduling the car group controlled by Cars subsystem...